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Complementary Wine Tastings every Saturday 1-4. No reservation needed.
Located in downtown
Lake Geneva, WI

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The Bottle Shop Wine Tasting Lounge

Weekly Events

Complementary Wine tasting every Saturday from 1 - 4 pm
A sampling of wines offered at The Bottle Shop. The wines are a try before you buy opportunity. We invite you to stay for a glass or bottle of wine after!

Artist of the month

PitaPita The new paintings on display here at "The Bottle Shop" came out of meditations on 'spirit.' What is 'spirit?' How and where does it manifest? In what forms does it express itself? What influences it? Can abstract expressionism do justice to how 'spirit' can be interpreted?

Here at "The Bottle Shop" and next door at "The Tristan Crist Magic Theatre" 'spirit' can take many forms. Pita, with an emphasis on simple shapes and compositions - and vibrant color - explores 'spirit' in this new work, influenced by the knowledge that 'spirit' is alive and well in these two places of business, in the patrons and owners of these businesses, and in the collective imagination of all who have visited these spaces, or will, or are here now.

Pita has also been influenced by artists that have come before: Van Gogh, Kadinsky, Picasso, Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, and Zao Wu-Ki for instance. He currently lives in an area of southwest Wisconsin known as The Driftless Region, in Viroqua with partner Gabrielle, and their two teenage sons Calvin and Miles.