About Us

The Bottle Shop was created in 2015.

Back in 2015, Beth purchased Pop More Corks, an existing wine shop, which was also a customer of hers.  Her years as a wine sales rep for Wine Distributor gave her the experience to see what people like and want in a wine shop.  So, she went to work to create a place where people gather, people shop and people enjoy! The relationships she created in that business allowed her to create a place where you enjoy! Her passion for being the best and offering you the best, is equaled only by her passion for the wine and more she offers at The Bottle Shop!

Beth loves wine and her enjoyment of wine has grown over the years.

Beth grew up on wine.  She had basic knowledge of wine, but more a desire to enjoy it!  When she had the opportunity to work for her favorite wine distributor, she was SO eager to learn!  She studied, practiced, listened, and studied a lot to gain more knowledge of the ever-changing wine world!

When the opportunity came to be her own boss – better yet to own a Wine Shop – she was able to take what she worked at former customers and apply that to her Shop!

The Shop has become a great meeting place as well as a great place to find good wines. The entire Bottle Shop staff loves to help others in finding the “right” wine!

The Bottle Shop has earned a great reputation within the community. We pride ourselves on hospitality and service! We are lucky to have great customers who keep us around!

Beth is immensely proud of The Bottle Shop and what it has become! The Team at The Bottle Shop is great! Our knowledgeable staff works hard to ensure you are well taken care of, whether it is at our Bar, on the Patio, or in the Lounge.

Our Patio offers outdoor seating

Our Patio offers outdoor seating to enjoy the beautiful seasons of weather that Wisconsin offers.  Our inside lounge is cozy and welcoming, with games to play or fun music to listen to while you enjoy your wine or spirits.